Thursday, December 29, 2016

Aroma Rice Cooker/Multi-Cooker

Bring on the unlimited rice! LOL! If you know me, you know I love to eat rice like most Filipinos (and Asians). For Christmas, my personal Santa (Hubby) got me a rice cooker upgrade. He finally got me a replacement for my eight year old, 4 cup rice cooker that he also got me for Christmas. This new one is a little more high-tech since it's not only a rice cooker, it's also a steamer and slow cooker in one. I told him I wanted a rice cooker that also functions as steamer so I can easily make my favorite dessert sweet sticky rice and mango. This new one is so much bigger than the old one I got since has 10-cup capacity. More rice for me indeed!
Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dylan's New Rides

Look who got a new bike from Santa! He was wishing for a blue bike and Santa delivered! Now that we have moved to our new house, he now have plenty of room to ride his new bike. That is one thing that I like in our new place, we have about 40 acres of space to run around. Not that he can ride his bike all over the pasture and such but he's got two big driveway pads to ride around. Aside from this bike, he also got a red wagon. He actually love his red wagon than his bike because he can put Baby Z on it and pull her around. I think it is more fun for him to do that and get Baby Z on the fun. And believe me, the little girl loves it too!
Sunday, December 25, 2016

Simple Christmas Dinner

One thing I really miss about my home country Philippines is the way we celebrate Christmas there. It's always more festive and happy there. Anyways, this is my 9th Christmas here in Alabama and so much has change. We now have two kids to celebrate Christmas with, we just moved to our new farmhouse too. This Christmas, I decided to prepare a simple Christmas dinner of whole roasted chicken with green beans, creamed corn, and, cornbread as trimmings. And for dessert, I made a Christmas tree cake which my little boy really loved. The cake is not perfect (it is short and fat), but it is just the perfect dessert for us. Overall, I would say our simple Christmas dinner was great!