Monday, February 6, 2017

Wilton Wonder Mold

Once, while browsing through YouTube for cake decorating tutorials, I stumbled upon a video of somebody making a doll cake. She was using this Wilton Wonder Mold Pan Set. I was like; "Dang, I got to have that thing! For one, I have a baby girl and I know she got to have a doll birthday cake. Plus, this pan set makes making a doll cake seems like a breeze. So I went ahead and bought one from I paid like $14 for it and it's worth every dollar. Although it's not made of heavy duty, professional material, it still gets the work done. The set comes with the doll that you just stick on top of the cake to make the doll.

This doll cake that I made was for my daughter's first birthday. I used frosting to crumb coat the cake, then made her gown with marshmallow fondant. I did not like the doll's hair so I trimmed it a little bit then added a crown I borrowed from a Belle doll we have. I think for a newbie, my cake turned great.